Tips Sukses Mendongeng


Salam Dongeng! :) 

Apa kabar kakak-kakak. Berikut adalah beberapa tips dongeng yang dicatat Kak Rona saat di SG. Semoga bermanfaat! Mereka menunggu dongeng darimu! :D

In September 2013, I attended Singapore International Storytelling Festival. I also joined a 'successful storytelling' class that taught by Len Cabral, an international professional storyteller.  

This is my note from successful storytelling class. Enjoy!

Room setup

 - Make the audience closer.

-  This is the ideal position. No more younger children tired because they looked at the older children. (learn to be a good audience)

       -          Or make them like this

When telling stories
-          Eye contact’s need
-          You need to build (Engagement, entertainment, aducation)
-          Find the stories
-          And practice it.

      We don't need to move highly 
-          If just a little audience, prefer without microphone
-          Start and finish should be powerful!
-          For young audience, we can use participation
-          Make it happen! à funny-scary-surprising!

We are the one who know the stories! 

The ideal duration to tell one stories
3-5 years                          : 15 minutes
Ideal for all age                 : less than 45 minutes

How about story from parents? How to tell it?
Parents don't need to use a dramatic performance. Because the children just wanna hear your story.

As a storyteller, we've to read a lot. We can build our own stories.

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  1. Thank You kaka Rona for your Sharing..Insya Allah very helpful. :)


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